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Hahn Plastics is Europe’s leading producer of 100% recycled plastic lumber and outdoor products. Meeting exciting North American demand, our new office serves Canada, the United States and Mexico. We are the exclusive makers of hanit®: a non-polluting product that’s 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Rot, moisture and weather-resistant, hanit® outlasts and outperforms traditional materials.

Woonerf Case Study | Montreal, Canada

The Challenge

The first of its kind for Quebec, the “living street” required a paving grid that would provide multi-purpose access along the street whilst also allowing for the aesthetically pleasing natural look to be maintained.

hanit® Heavy Duty Ground Grids met the requirements.

hanit® Heavy Duty Ground Grid

The Solution

hanit®’s Heavy Duty Ground Grids are manufactured from a blend of high quality recycled plastic polyolefins extracted from post industrial and post consumer mixed waste plastics.

The woonerf has been an extremely well celebrated project that has won prizes for its conception and green initiatives.

Woonerf, Montreal


  • Flexible and resistant to cracking
  • Strong and durable
  • Slip resistant
  • Limited heat transfer
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% recycled and 100% recyclable
  • Harmless to flora and fauna
  • Interlocking connecting system for quick and easy installation
"I recommend Les Dalles Vertes (Heavy Duty Ground Grids) to all my clients. We laid out nearly 30,000 square feet of these hanit® pavers for the Woonerf project and it took us half the time and resources that were required to install the old concrete grass pavers."

Tony Scirocco, Ventec

Manufacturing and Marketing over 2000 hanit® Products

We offer a wide range of locally produced products, as well as individual technical support. Our range not only comprises of items for garden and park design but also includes complex industrial products, exclusively manufactured in accordance with customer specifications. We have also set standards in the field of technology. As a result, new applications have been developed where the use of hanit® secondary plastics had been unimaginable for a long time.

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